We provide services under a number of different schemes listed below. If you would like further information get in touch with us for personalised support!

Department of Veterans’ Affair (DVA)


Gold and white card holders, with a current and valid referral, can access Exercise Physiology at Healthy Movement Healthcare. Alongside other Allied Health Treatments, card holders can receive up to 12 sessions per treatment cycle. Totally and Permanently Incapacitated (TPI) Gold Card holders are exempt from the treatment cycle and can receive as many consultations as deemed clinically necessary with an annual or indefinite referral. 


Workers Compensation


WorkSafe Victoria

Eligible individuals recovering from an accident at work may access Exercise Physiology at Healthy Movement Healthcare granted they have approval from their insurance agency. This approval will most likely need a medical referral letter provided to them. 


Exercise Physiology for the rehabilitation from a work injury is aimed at creating evidence-based exercise programs to improve strength and mobility in areas of the body that has been impacted through their injury. In most cases, this does not only mean the affected site as injuries can affect the biomechanics of other sites on the body. A thorough initial assessment is conducted to assess these areas and to create the plan to return to work.


Traffic Accident Commission (TAC)


TAC approval for Exercise Physiology is approved within the first 90 days of the client’s accident. Approval for treatment beyond 90 days is subjected to the Exercise Physiologists clinical recommendation through an Allied Health Treatment and Recovery Plan. Treatment plans are aimed at promoting recovery and functional independence through education and self-management. 


 National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)


Capacity Building – Improved Health and Wellbeing & Improved Daily Living


Participants with the allocated funding for these items have access to Exercise Physiology at Healthy Movement Healthcare. Exercise is utilised to help encourage participants to improve their physical capacity and/or to develop skills for their independence and involvement in the community. 


Healthy Movement Healthcare is not registered with the NDIS commission. This means that those who are plan managed or self-managed can receive Exercise Physiology at Healthy Movement Healthcare, however those that are NDIA managed are not. All Exercise Physiologists, regardless of being registered or not with the commission, must meet the NDIS Practice Standards and Code of Conduct.


A service agreement is completed during the first session. 


Private Health Insurance


Exercise Physiology can be claimed through private health insurance at Healthy Movement Healthcare. No referral is needed however investigation in to rebates with each insurer needs to be organised prior to initial appointment. HICAPS is available. 


A thorough initial assessment and home exercise plans will be prescribed for each patient.